Is love automatic? Tell us about your Valentine’s Day in perfect vending style.

You don’t have a balcony, a gondola or romantic moonlight. The flowers are over and there’s a string missing from your guitar. To make your Valentine’s Day truly memorable, you’ve got just one card up your sleeve – Canto Touch. How are you going to woo your partner? What background music are you going to choose? What are you going to offer him or her? An Italian espresso or a super organic fruit juice? What scene from a famous film would you like to be shown on the state-of-the-art touchscreen?

Our Valentine’s Day survey adds a welcome touch of frivolity and originality.

In terms of music, the title of “last of the great romantics” should be awarded to those who suggested beautiful songs such as With or without you, Careless whisper, I will always love you, Dire Straits’ Romeo and Juliet, to mention just a few. The more daring might try to win the heart of their loved one to the notes of the soundtrack of the horror film “Deep Red” (also known as “The Hatchet Murders”!). It’s hard to imagine the scene but we still respect this extremely personal and innovative choice.

Once the right musical atmosphere has been created, the next step is to choose what to drink together, accompanied, of course, by the glow of the Canto Touch interactive touchscreen. Some of the most popular drinks include various types of cocktail ranging from a Mojito to a Long Island. All the hot drinks have been mentioned but the most fitting suggestion was hot chocolate with chili, a surefire aphrodisiac. When it comes to seduction, health fanatics might want to try a fruit juice or even just a simple glass of water. The more sophisticated would like Canto Touch to delight their partner’s taste buds with fine wines, whether it be a Champagne or a sweet Sauternes. To stir up passions someone even thought of serving a piping hot “grolla” (a mixture of coffee and grappa).

Canto Touch also offers the chance to show videos and this has brought out the romantic side of the participants in our survey. Suggestions range from the tear-jerker Ghost, The Bodyguard and Love Story, to all the films of Julia Roberts, with Pretty Woman topping the list. Other ideas include Doctor Zhivago, Top Gun, When Harry met Sally, Ben Hur, Barbie as Rapunzel and Gone with the Wind. Some of you have imagined flying over the ocean with your loved one in your arms as in the film Titanic, or clinging to your partner in a dance as in Dirty Dancing; others, inspired by the selection of 56 drinks on the Canto Touch menu, have thought of films such as Chocolat or Breakfast at Tiffany’s. The prize for the “craziest seducer” goes to the bright spark who proposed the scene from Shining where Jack Nicholson breaks down the bathroom door where his wife is hiding.

Canto Touch would like to thank everyone for their valuable suggestions and looks forward to seducing you with its state-of-the-art technology.

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