New research into the coffee break and its beneficial effects

Coffee break
Last month we talked about break times for school kids and gave some useful tips to make them healthy. This time, we offer some interesting ideas taken from original studies about the social and creative importance of the coffee break.

A coffee break with colleagues overcomes the stress in the office – official!

A study published in the journal Symbolic Interaction, carried out by Pernille Stroebaek of the University of Copenhagen, has demonstrated that gathering with colleagues in front of the coffee machine really does help to cope with work stress. These are important moments of ‘socialisation’, chances to exchange opinions about professional issues, or to vent frustrations about work problems.

These findings tally perfectly with what emerged a few years ago at the round table eWEEK Europe, which examined the theme ‘The Office Revolution’. According to the discussions, membership of communities within companies, which communicate via text chats and video calls, are often not sufficient to create a real sense of belonging – despite underpinning the new world of work.

Coffee breaks, on the other hand, are good for socialising and for creating a convivial atmosphere. But what about creativity and flair? A French study published in the latest issue of the journal Neurology argues that regular consumption of drinks containing caffeine helps to reduce cognitive decline linked to ageing by up to 30%. However, this extraordinary effect would only seem to apply to women. So are coffee breaks better for the fairer sex?

It seems that an espresso can speed up our brain functions and by quite a bit!

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