Coffee: The Health Benefits

If you’re worried that coffee might be bad for you, rest assured: science tells us that a few cups of your favourite beverage every day can be a real cure-all.

There are so many myths and clichés about coffee and the alleged damage it can do to our health, that we thought it was high time that we set the record straight! There are numerous scientific research findings that attest to the many benefits that coffee brings to the body. Fact!

So, let’s hear it for coffee…

Drinking up to four or five cups a day reduces cardiovascular mortality. This is not down to the presence of caffeine, but to the many antioxidants that are contained in coffee beans.

And that’s not all: for the same reason, (the wealth of antioxidants), research conducted in the United States reveals that cancer mortality is also significantly reduced. In particular, drinking coffee can limit the risk of cancer in the digestive system and the liver, as evidenced by another research paper published in the scientific journal Food Research International, which was carried out by the Sao Paulo State University of Brazil and the University of Granada.

The link between coffee and insomnia is another myth! Research encompassing more than 10,000 individuals has shown that ‘those who drink coffee, in the long run, have less anxiety, sleep better and do not have higher blood pressure compared to those who abstain.’

Finally, coffee can help Parkinson’s patients. Researchers at Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School Institute have found that caffeine, combined with another compound found in coffee grains, can slow down the process of brain degeneration.

In short, a regular cup of coffee is a powerful shield against any number of health issues, so we can tell you with confidence that coffee is a real cure-all!

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