Country you go…Coffee you taste

With egg yolk, pepper or – why not? –  cardamom… Here are some of the strangest coffee recipes found around the world

Who said real coffee is just espresso?

Throughout history, different people, seduced by the famous dark drink, have personalized coffee and adapted it to their tastes. Though some combinations might seem a bit, well… whacky to us, coffee has always been a ritual, synonymous with community and sharing.

Let’s discover some variations:

  • Austria: the Wiener Melange consists of one part espresso [Mokka] and one part milk, with a topping of milk foam. It differs from the classic cappuccino in that it has a longer coffee base and lighter roasting;
  • Argentina: with a particular evocative name, Café lagrima is prepared with hot milk and a teardrop of coffee;
  • Cuba: intense and sweet tasting, Cuban Café is a blend of brown sugar and ground coffee, prepared in the classic coffee moka pot of the country.
  • Finland: kaffeost is a word composed of kaffe [coffee] + ost [cheese]. The drink consists of pieces of leipäjuusto, (a typical Lapland cheese made from cow’s or reindeer’s milk) dissolved at the bottom of the coffee cup.
  • Germany: the Germans are divided between the specialists of Eiskaffee, a dessert prepared with coffee, cream, vanilla ice cream and cocoa, and the drinkers of Pharisäer: coffee with a serious shot of rum.
  • Japan: canned coffee, or in the local language Kan Kōhī, is very fashionable both hot, during the winter and ice cold, during the summer;
  • Ireland: the famous Irish Coffee is a hot, sweetened coffee, complemented with Irish whiskey and finished with a layer of cream on the top;
  • Mexico: Cafe de Olla is prepared in a clay pot [olla] by infusion of large or whole ground coffee beans in hot water. It gets its woody flavour from cinnamon sticks (and sometimes with star anise and orange peel) and it’s sweetened with piloncillo;
  • Scandinavia: Karsk is a Norwegian coffee cocktail mixed with moonshine or vodka and sometimes with a tablespoon of sugar.
  • Senegal: Touba coffee is flavored with cloves and jarr, known as Guinea pepper, according to a very ancient tradition. It was once believed to have medicinal properties.
  • Turkey: Türk Kahvesi has a thick, syrupy consistency and is enjoyed by adding various spices, such as cardamom.
  • U.S.A.: the true American Coffee is extracted by infusion from a particular blend, obtaining a long coffee, that’s very intense and rich in caffeine.
  • Vietnam: Cà phê trứng, or egg coffee, contains chicken egg yolk, sugar, condensed milk and strong coffee.

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