Here comes His Majesty, Fresh Milk – la crème de la crème!

After whetting your appetite with the interactive performance of Canto Touch, the latest development from Necta for the hospitality sector brings consumers the unmistakable taste of fresh milk.

Necta’s HoReCa machines provide precious opportunities for consumers to enjoy beverages of the highest quality, a coffee break characterized by authentic flavours and natural aromas, hallmarks of the genuine Italian coffee experience.

The increasingly amazing performance of our machines reflects our passion for quality; it’s the consequence of constant research and development. Freshly ground coffee beans give us hot beverages with an intense, all-embracing taste and a complex personality, but by adding fresh milk to the dispensing process, we’ve moved another rung up the ladder towards excellence, creating espressos, cappuccinos and macchiato coffees in the finest Italian tradition.

Our new fresh milk machines deliver unmistakable froth of the thick, creamy variety, creating a unique flavour experience at the touch of a button.

This is a development in coffee service that will bring joy to Italy, the birthplace of real espresso coffee and cappuccino – but it’ll be just as important for the rest of the world: in many countries, the consumption of specialty drinks, beverages combined and stratified with espresso coffee, milk and chocolate, is becoming more and more popular.

Necta, la crème de la crème: that’s leading the coffee revolution!

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