While school’s feeding the minds, we’ll take care of the bodies!

It’s ‘back to school’ and once again, snacks are on the agenda: how can we safeguard our kids from junk food and how can encourage them to choose a healthy option from their school vending machine?

These days, vending and healthy eating go hand-in-glove.

That’s because today’s vending machines are capable of offering a huge range of healthy meals and snacks. The latest generation of N&W machines hygienically deliver fresh, healthy food in optimum condition. Thanks to electronic temperature control, kids can be sure that an authentic ‘celebration of freshness’ awaits them at break-time.

Products such as yoghurt, organic produce, milk products; fruit and dairy items; fruit juice, cereals; dehydrated fruit and preserves are perfect for selling in single portions and vending machines provide consumers with a convenient purchasing option.

No wonder sales of ‘healthy’ products through vending machines are growing exponentially…

That’s why we’re making this commitment, to children everywhere: ‘wherever and whenever we can, N&W will actively promote nutritious, healthy food products.’

We know that we share this commitment with countless parents who worry constantly that their children are consuming too many fizzy drinks and too many pre-packed, high-calorie, high-salt snacks. From now on, they’re not on their own.

We believe the journey to a healthy, well-balanced diet begins should begin as early as possible in a child’s life and that’s why we’ll be doing all we can to ensure that the automatic vending machine is a useful tool in supporting this process.

NB: The subject of ‘Healthy Vending’ will be discussed at 11th edition of Bergamoscienza, (from 4 to 20 October), during the forum entitled: “Nutrition and Sustainability: Automatic Vending in Secondary Schools“.

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