Summer’s here! Time to relax…

We’re off on holiday! Have a great summer and we’ll meet you back here on August 29th!

Whether holidays are full of art, unbridled adventure, sunbathing by the sea or tranquility in the mountains, we all need a healthy dose of rest and relaxation to recharge our batteries!

That’s why, here at EVOCA Group, we work hard all year round to make your coffee break as relaxing and comfortable as possible. We realize that the coffee break is a vital moment of relaxation that we all deserve, every single day!

After our acquisitions in 2017, the integration of the Saeco, Gaggia, Ducale and Cafection brands; the launch of our latest brand Newis and the Group rebranding at the end of last year, EVOCA is proud to present itself as the industry’s most complete offer. After all that excitement, it’s no wonder we’re all looking forward to the break. We might be off enjoying ourselves, but our products will always be at your disposal, continuing to offer in the coming summer weeks the pleasure of the perfect break!

So, see you on August 29th when we’ll return to sharing with you our innovations, some original curiosities and – of course – plenty of exciting new things

We wish you a happy and peaceful summer break!

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