Tasseography: discovering the ancient Oriental divinatory art

Fortune, money or a new love? Find out during the coffee break! 

We need to start the day with a bang; we need it to relax during well-deserved break times and – according to recent studies  – we need it to reinforce the mood when we’re feeling.

But, what if coffee could also predict the future?

Well, according to tasseography, an ancient oriental divinatory art dating which dates back to Mesopotamian times and arrived in Europe during the 1600s, it can. Apparently, Kings decided the fate of their kingdoms by questioning the coffee grounds.

Ready for a bit of fun? Let’s try it!

Tasseography is usually practiced with Turkish coffee. After boiling the coffee powder twice in a small pot, allow it to cool, then pour it into a cup and let it rest, without stirring. After a while, drink it and when you’ve done, you’ll see that the coffee grounds have assumed a specific shape that you can interpret … to divine the future!

In a coffee shop or in the office, give it a try with espresso. The grounds will not be quite so clear as they are with Turkish coffee: it’s easier if you use a white china cup, though…

Abracadabra: the shapes that form on the top edges tell the story of the present, while those that settle on the bottom prophesy… the future!

The ritual begins! How do you interpret the shapes? Let’s see the most common:

  • Circles: mean you’re coming into money. No circled? Watch out, hard times are coming…
  • Ovals: predict success in business
  • Squares: ops! Here comes pain and sorrow; if they have an elongated shape, that means trouble in your love life
  • Lines: you’ll have a long life and a happy old age
  • Triangles: with the tip up? Success is coming your way. Tip down, get set for failure
  • Rhombus: new love is on its way
  • Birds(V-shape): happiness will be yours
  • Snake: beware be trayal
  • Spider: good business
  • Cross: worries await…
  • Lightning: bad luck will haunt you
  • Onestar: success will be yours
  • Oneeye: envy
  • Aleaf: expect good news
  • A number: indicates the days you must wait for something positive to happen
  • Awave: an up and down periodlies ahead
  • Anarrow: beware danger
  • Afeather: instability
  • Ananchor: good luck is coming your way

So,  What does the future hold for you? ;)

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