‘What can I get you, tea or coffee?’

The answer is,‘it depends!’ Our choice of ‘favourite beverage’ depends on a personal combination of taste, culture and tradition. That’s why, when it boils down to ‘tea or coffee?’, the world’s divided…However, there is one place we know where you can enjoy the best of both worlds: our stand at Venditalia!
We’re waiting for you!

‘Im not feeling quite myself today. I could really use a pick-me-up…’

What’ll it be, a scented cup of tea or a double espresso? The choice depends on your taste, of course – but the country you live in will influence your decision.

A recent survey shows that the ‘battle for supremacy’, between coffee and tea, is being fought on two fronts: On one hand there’s the USA, where they can’t seem to get enough coffee. Apparently, some 75% of people “Born in the USA” drink it at least once a day, making them the world’s Number One caffeine consumers, (followed not-so-closely by Mexico and Brazil).

On the other hand, in China, they’re just as mad about tea. More than 75% of Chinese people drink tea, and it’s almost as high in Japan (where 50-75% are smitten), followed by Russia and Arab Countries.

Slap in the middle, there is continental Europe with a strong consumption of coffee. (That’s especially true in Scandinavia). The exception, of course, is the UK – – where – at 3 – ‘everything stops for tea.’

So, which do you prefer? The strong and bracing flavour of coffee or the delicate and relaxing one of tea? Whatever your choice, you have until Saturday to enjoy a cup with us at Venditalia…

Fiera Milanocity, stand C08 A11, pav 2: here are the coordinates to reach us at Venditalia. We’re waiting for you!

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