What Do Your Coffee Preferences Reveal About You?

A psychological study has shown that our choice of coffee reveals our personality traits…

Hot espresso with a spot of milk, frozen coffee, espresso or long in big cup. We all know exactly what we want when we order coffee.

But what do our coffee preferences say about us?

Clinical psychologist Dr Ramani Durvasula has the answer: in her study published in the book “You Are WHY You Eat: Change Your Food Attitude, Change Your Life”, she analyzes one thousand “coffee lovers” to discover the distinctive and recurrent personality features associated with certain coffee preferences.

She studied the personality of her study group in terms of introversion/extroversion, patience, perfectionism, sensitivity, warmth, vigilance and social boldness. She also examined their behavior in some common situations such as queuing, organizing a dinner or spending a weekend away.

What she discovered is surprising and intriguing. It seems that all we have to do to get to know something more about a person – be it our boss, a friend or a new acquaintance – is to buy them a coffee!

Here’s what Ramani concluded:

  • Black coffee: The black coffee lover is a purist; an uncomplicated and straightforward person. He usually loves the simple things in life and he doesn’t like change. He is patient, efficient and has a quiet disposition.
  • Espresso with a spot of milk: Those who prefer to add milk or cream to their coffee are typically lovers of comfort, constantly looking to soften the bitterness of life.
  • Cappuccino: The cappuccino drinker is a perfectionist. Sensitive, health-conscious and vigilant.
  • Instant coffee: The instant coffee aficionado is a traditionalist. He has a relaxed personality, loves to take life as it comes and he does not get too lost in details.
  • Sweet coffee: Sweet drink enthusiasts, those who add a lot of sugar to their coffee, have maintained the sensitivity and ‘heart’ of their childhood.
  • Frozen coffee: The cold or blended coffee lover is a pioneer. He loves to try new things, is ‘socially bold’ and spontaneous and has a vivid imagination.
  • Decaf/ soy milk/ Very specifically ordered coffee: Those who order a decaffeinated coffee, either with soy milk or generally with special specifications, like to be in control. Perfectionists attentive to their own health and body, they tend to make healthy choices and are loyal to rules and standards.

And you? What kind of coffee do you prefer?

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