At Expo 2015, the first ever Global Forum of Coffee.

The coffee is a global product, capable of uniting the peoples of countries far distant from each other. But has the globalization of coffee changed the way we taste it?

Well, Expo 2015 is approaching and with it a new and interesting reflection on our flagship product : coffee. Among the many events connected with Expo there will be the inaugural Global Forum of Coffee.
Make a note, because it will bring together all the world’s coffee producing countries. A truly is a one-off opportunity to understand current trends and possible future scenarios for the world’s favourite beverage.

The coffee that wakes you up in the morning or gives you a day-time boost is the result of cooperation between the array of nations that feature in the production chain. There are millions of people around the world connected with coffee, be it for pleasure or for work. Any way you look at coffee, it’s a global product!

Global but local: we’re all developing our own individual ways of preparing and enjoying coffee. Today more than ever, coffee lends itself to a multitude of applications : espresso, ristretto; long, macchiato or corrected. Have it hot, cold; have it shaken!

Have it with milk for a creamy cappuccino or with cocoa for the choco-hit. Then there are coffee variants: Turkish, American; Moroccan or Viennese. The same, precious coffee bean can be transformed into a wide variety of beverages to be loved the world over.

The cards on the coffee table are rapidly changing and we have to play the hand we’re dealt…

See you at the Expo !

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