Breasy, makes your coffee break easy!

Innovations in the coffee world by EVOCA Group: Newis and Mastercard present Breasy, the new payment app that allows you to buy coffee with a simple click via your smartphone.

2017 was the year of digital payments. Mobile payment and commerce, mobile POS, contactless payment, Net Banking and e-wallets: purchasing is increasingly easier, faster and safer.

And now Newis, the Evoca Group brand that’s dedicated to digital solutions, has revolutionized the world of coffee with Mobile Proximity Payment, payments that require a physical proximity between the purchaser and the seller of the product or service.  We’re talking about Breasy, a payment app that changes the way you use a vending machine. You make your choices directly from your smartphone, without touching the vending machine! It’s a brand-new digital shopping experience.

Available for Android and iOS platforms, Breasy works with Hi!Platinum and Hi!Gold cashless payment systems. Thanks to the unique offer of an app that is customizable with the colours and logos of vending operators in the industry, Evoca revolutionizes the  business of vending. Hi! integrates Bluetooth and IrDA technology, offering the ultimate versatility and security – without the need to connect to the Internet.

The new app offers two different kinds of payment. The first, nicknamed the wallet, allows users to re-charge their credit as a normal key, by the introduction of coins and banknotes into the vending machine or by credit card in denominations of 5€ or 10€. The second is a real game-changer: Breasy offers an alternative solution to cash payment, which is completely secure and guaranteed by the Masterpass platform. Masterpass by Mastercard allows faster and more secure online shopping, as the user can purchase any product by paying the single amount without the need to recharge the wallet.  Transactions are free and unlimited for the user while the operator receives 100% of the revenue directly to his account promptly, at extremely advantageous conditions.

Breasy allows you to store your purchase preferences, too. It also manages queues intelligently: it lets you know how many people are in front of you and, as soon as it’s your turn, it automatically connects to the enabled vending machine, identifying and displaying the list of available products automatically.

Using Breasy is simple and immediate: just a few taps and you’re done!

Vending industry operators have full control over the look of the app and its transactions. Thanks to Breasy, they can create user profiles and get access real-time data from across the entire machine park, to create tailor-made promotions.

Discover Breasy now: watch the video!

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