Design meets technology!

That’s our motto a few days after the opening of this year’s Internorga.

Here we go again, touring the world! Our next stop is Hamburg and an important exhibition in the food & beverage sector in hospitality and catering.

So how are we communicating at the first important exhibition of 2016? First of all, our stand has been completely renovated. We’ve improved and personalised our exhibition space with a new design and interactive technology to reward our visitors with an even more memorable experience!

‘Miss Touch’ will be striding the catwalks: in other words, the Wittenborg 9100, which has a multiple function touch screen that will take the most enthusiastic coffee drinkers to a whole new sensorial experience…. Hence the motto, ‘touch the one you love!’

Next up, the high-performance duo, Koro and Korinto Prime by Necta, the perfect pair to deliver the ideal coffee break, thanks to unequalled performance and a long list of ‘beauty signs’, such as a light and modern design, a perfect balance of materials and an elegant backlit capacitive keyboard.

A stylish break

Our Karisma, ‘The Queen of Horeca’, is ready to stun the public with its speed and quality: 200 cups of coffee per hour, all of them made from coffee beans, all of them with that  beguiling, satisfying aroma. The compact footprints, the accessories; the contemporary designs and the touch screen interfaces catch the eye and make hotel rooms even more beautiful!

And what about OCS? Step forward ‘Miss Colour! Our Fancy is ready to satisfy any aesthetic requirements thanks to its incredible range of colours, bringing a touch of fashion to the home or to offices, shops and hotel rooms. Are you ready for trendy coffee?

Now we feel like true designers of high-quality break times! All we can do now is say goodbye and ‘see you at Internorga!’

Visit N&W at: G. F. Hall B1, Booth 205

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