Food on the go.

Do street food trends reflect those of the vending world?

Street food! Festivals, foodtrucks, gourmet motorcars… Street food is the freedom to eat and taste what you like on the street. No walls, no tables, just you and your favourite food – al fresco. Street food is cheap, fast and cool…

According to the FAO, street food is enjoyed globally by around 2.5 billion people every day. In Italy, it’s become so much more than just a passing trend.

The latest data from the Osservatorio Confesercenti focuses on businesses created in 2015 in the tourism and commercial sector and it confirms a boom in all those activities that are carried out outside the confines of the four walls of a traditional shop. Street vendors are the highest new entry and the highest rating goes to street food.

Vending & street food: regional specialties and healthy options

The economical crisis has increased the popularity of street food, which is much cheaper than eating in traditional restaurants. But there’s another factor that has pushed this increase in our country: the rediscovery of traditional, regional food. Research has shown that 60% of Italians prefer their street food to be ‘local’. We’re talking about foods like piadine (an italian version of pitta), arrosticini (grilled meat), and arancini (Sicilian rice balls). In fact, only 10% of consumers prefer ethnic foods, such as kebabs, and even fewer – 3% – prefer hot dogs.

It’s a trend that’s also influencing vending. Just think of the numerous case histories of vending machines that sell locally produced products, from fruit and veg to jam – and even fresh meat. The focus on local recipes and products could be a good thing for food on the go, whether it’s bought at a large, well-stocked vending machine (like our Mambo!) or at a colourful, attractive food truck.

Another growing trend is for healthy, more natural food. We’re talking ‘organic’, ‘vegetarian’ and ‘gluten-free’ options. There’s no escape! These have been the three ‘magic words’ in vending in recent years and no doubt they’ll be huge in the street food market, too…

This is why we’re continually investing in technologies to enable our machines to dispense fresh, organic and seasonal products in perfect condition.

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