For us, the coffee break is a serious matter.

Here are some good reasons why you should never make do with old machines. #askforNeW

We are already all over the press: the highest standards of quality and safety and a passion for technology make us leaders in the vending market. What’s new in this? Everything and nothing…

After N&W’s huge success at Venditalia, we want to focus on a subject that is close to our hearts and to our ideals: responsibility.

The European Vending Association (EVA) has recently highlighted a worrying figure: the increasing number of refurbished vending machines. The association, in its press release, notes that any technical problems relating to the reconditioning of the machine are the responsibility of those companies that choose the ‘refurb’ route. We totally agree with EVA and we believe that the distributors of refurbished equipment are potentially endangering the health and safety of consumers.

How would you feel about risking the safety of your employees?

N&W is ready to take the responsibility of solving this problem by going to ‘the max’ in terms of innovation and safety. A few days ago, we involved the main Italian newspapers in our #askforNeW campaign, which aims to consider change as a starting point for quality.

The new campaign highlights the two essential steps, which, as the industry’s protagonists of change, we embrace: ‘evolution’ and ‘innovation’. Want to summarize it in one word? ‘Future’.
And the future for N&W means a new generation of vending technology and the highest safety standards, which allow us to offer fresher, healthier and safer products in compliance with the latest international directives.

Investing in the future together with N&W means investing in quality.

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