N&W at Expotechnologies: the world’s most advanced vending technologies combine to promote healthy eating

Our view on the technological revolutions in the food and beverage vending industry

Yesterday, N&W grabbed the attention of the 130 participants in the round table as they discussed the motion ‘Don’t call them dispensers: the high tech future of the vending industry’, at Kilometro Rosso in Bergamo.

This highly successful event was attended by Andrea Zocchi, N&W Managing Director, Guido Venturini, General Manager of Confindustria Bergamo, and Leonardo Marabini, Marketing Manager at Kilometro Rosso.

The ‘round table’ was staged within the framework of Expotechnologies, a series of conferences, organised by Confindustria Bergamo during Expo 2015, to address the subject of food&beverage technology. N&W was in good company: some leading food supply chain companies, such as Same Deutz-Fahr, Filiera del Gelato, Siad and San Pellegrino also held events.

Healthy vending machines

… are much, much more than simple dispensers! New technology has enabled the vending industry to strike the right balance between the quality of the traditional Italian diet and today’s fast-paced lifestyle. Vending machines are now offering not only snacks, but also tasty, well-balanced healthy food, such as fruit and vegetables. Why not? Compared to other solutions, vending machines are less demanding in terms of time and logistics. That’s why, Serim has developed the Vending Zone project, in which students are provided with a prepaid card that allows them to buy only healthy products, approved by the Local Health Service, from their vending machine at break time.

The implementation of sophisticated solutions, such as much talked about telemetry technology, aroused a lot of interest. N&W vending machines can now send real-time information and data to report those rare faults or to flag up an empty shelf or spiral, thereby minimising downtime and ensuring that products always in stock and available.

In the same subject, the contribution of Enzo Baglieri, lecturer at the Bocconi University in Milan, is worthy of a mention. He pointed out that vending machines are tailored to the needs of service providers, but they also need to meet consumer needs in order to improve the shopping experience. Particular emphasis was put on the touchless N&W and Intel combination: all the attendees were dazzled by this innovative prototype featuring the Real Sense technologyAfter such an exciting day, the icing on the cake was x Mirko Ronzoni’s cookery deminstration. The winner of Hell’s Kitchen 2015 prepared delicious haute cuisine dishes, using products dispensed by our vending machines.

Watch the menu.

Health and high technology will be the bywords for the vending industry.

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