Projects, Not Dreams

Stefano Barato, VP Group Sales at N&W Global Vending, takes us on a journey through the challenges and opportunities that await us in 2016.

2015 is coming to a close, and in order to analyse this demanding year, we interviewed Sales Vice President of N&W, Stefano Barato.

“We were surprised by our performance in our traditional markets, where we had contained but positive expectations”, Barato reveals. “Italy in particular is showing good recovery, as are France and Spain. European markets such as Switzerland, The Netherlands and Belgium also have positive trends, beyond the expectations we set out at the beginning of the year”.

N&W on tour 2015

Participating in numerous events and exhibitions has proved an invaluable and winning strategy this year, according to Barato. “In 2015 in particular, we participated in many Ho.Re.Ca events, such as Internorga, Host and Igeho, so that we could maintain a constant connection with our clients and the trends of our sector, which is in constant evolution”, he says. ‘We also reached a new goal: to take vending into environments that aren’t usually served by vending”, like the hotel sector for instance, and we will continue along this route.”

What’s for sure is that N&W has a lot to offer in terms of quality, taste, style, performance and innovation.

What are the innovations we need to be aware of? “This year we presented the new Hi! cashless payment system” Barato says, “along with new readers, new keys and tags, Wi-Fi connection; new communication protocols and new telemetry options.”

As far as technology goes, Barato talked to us about the touchless battery, which has travelled around the globe to various events and exhibitions: “The touchless vending machine prototype that N&W created with Intel has come from a very important collaboration”, he says. “I believe that we have demonstrated what we’ll be able to do in a few years time. We have set ourselves up as leaders in the vending world, concentrating our technology on the improvement of the user-machine relationship, trying to knock down those barriers that create a distance and prejudice between the vending machine and the final consumer.”

The focus, therefore, is on quality, innovation and service. But many people have asked whether this vending machine is just another prototype that’s destined to remain an exhibition piece…

“We haven’t yet managed to create machines with all of these characteristics, but some of the technologies installed in the touchless battery are already a part of our range”. Barato says. “We are improving the concept of vending with the Wittenborg 9100, and the Necta Canto Touch and Samba Touch. These user-friendly models are not just built for purpose, but to complete the experience for the consumer, making the whole process a pleasant experience.”

So it seems that anything is possible, taken one step at a time. Even when it comes to things that once seemed impossible…

Welcome to 2016!

We’ll be going back to work with renewed energy in the New Year. Where will we direct it? Here are our objectives for 2016, according to Barato: “N&W will launch in new countries in South America thanks to a positive financial climate. We’re expecting good figures from Argentina, Columbia, and improvements in Peru and Chile. Another strong market is North America, where, after Krea, we want to introduce and increase the distribution of our most state-of-the-art products, such as Trophy and 9100. We will continue to work towards Asian markets and we have some surprises in store for Japan: we will introduce new machines with a new look, capable of producing an excellent fresh brew, just how the locals like it”.

Barato shares a secret: “We’re launching a new Ho.Re.Ca product, a superautomatic coffee machine designed with Asia in mind, which will be appreciated all over the world”, he says. ‘This new dispenser will follow in the elegant footsteps of the Karisma, with a sleek design and the capacity to produce drinks using fresh milk.”

Our VP reveals some other key projects, and we’ll summarise them as follows: in the ‘To Do’ list for 2016, there will be increasingly productive partnerships with our current clients; we will increase our Vending market by penetrating new environments such as hotels and cafés; we will continue to seduce the Ho.Re.Ca world with new table-top solutions and technologies for fresh milk.

N&W means innovation – yesterday, today and tomorrow!


Stefano Barato – VP Group Sales N&W Global Vending

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