Thanks Expo – it’s been fun: #italianpride?

Now that Expo has come to an end, feedback on the event is coming in thick and fast. On the one hand, there are hush-hush figures and international awards – but on the other hand, it’s absolutely certain that coffee came out on top!

Long before it even opened, oceans of ink had been spilled about Expo, both in newspapers and on the web, delivering praise and criticism at the same time. Now that one of the most important events ever held in Italy has closed its gates, it’s time to weigh things up.

There’s no question, the turnout was massive: 21 million visitors from all over the world walked along the decumano, forming a crucible of nationalities and cultures attracted by the astonishing series of clusters and pavilions.

The awesome UK pavilion won the international prize for architecture at Expo Milan 2015 awarded by the International Institute of Architecture, whose goal was to give prominence to the design and distinctive features of the 54 self-built pavilions. However, according to the audience, the Kuwait pavilion deserved the highest step of the podium, immediately followed by Italy. For more information see here.

 Coffee, the real star of the show

Now, let’s analyse the figures concerning our main focus, which of course is coffee. We’ve already written about the cluster created especially for this product and our challenging project aimed at celebrating coffee as never before. Without doubt, we hit the target!

It was nothing less than a smash – just like the pleasure of enjoying an excellent espresso. In just 3 months, from May to July, we welcomed more than 3 million visitors and sold 279,768 coffees. During the first days of October, the number of attendees shot up to 10 million, with a daily average of 153,000 visits. The total of guided tours amounted to 22,000 ,and over 650,000 coffee drinks were served in the cafés. All in all it was a powerful experience, which gave a boost to all our sectors – Vending, Ho.Re.Ca. and OCS – and managed to strengthen our commitment to offer one-of-a-kind machines, delivering unparalleled coffee. Don’t forget that it’s one of the most popular drinks worldwide.

No wonder the Alitalia pavilion opted to employ our Karisma… N&W really left its mark at Expo!


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