Vending flies to Russia

From February 28 to March 2, we’ll be in Russia for the 11th edition of Vendexpo.

After the amazing success of Vendexpo 2016, which saw an increase of 50% in visitor numbers over the previous year, we can’t wait for Vendexpo 2017. It’s the leading vending event in Russia, which also serves countries in the CIS and Eastern Europe. This year, 33 first-time exhibitors, including PepsiCo Russia and Mastercard, will be there alongside us – and 113 other brands!

It’s our strategy to commit serious resources to these eastern markets, as evidenced by our local branches in Poland and Russia. Why? Well, the President of the Russian National Vending Association put it most succinctly: “The vending sector in Russia and CIS countries is going strong and is in constant growth thanks to a strong development potential, estimated by experts to be at least 1 million machines in Russian alone, ranking it 5th in the European vending market.”

N&W news and Vendexpo 2017

Last time around, Vendexpo was the launch pad for new technologies connected to cashless payment systems and new generation vending machines.

In this edition, we’re aiming to stun our guests by presenting new versions of Kikko Max and Opera, two successful machines that will be able to satisfy even the most challenging demands, thanks to certain characteristics that have been developed specifically for these markets.

So, what does our ‘Russian Mood’ entail? A tailor-made adaptation to give these markets a Necta ‘coffee-to-go’ experience, providing the perfect coffee for drinking whilst walking through the city.

We’re on the go too… to Moscow, of course! So we’ll see you there and steaming cup of cappuccino will be waiting for you!

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