VENDING PARIS 2014: A New Era Dawns

Vending Paris 2014 will once more bring the best of automatic vending to European consumers, but this time, that’s not all…

This time round, there’s a totally different format and the fact that Vending Paris, for the first time, incorporates ‘three events in one’, makes Vending Paris the place to be – and we can’t wait to be there!

Paris, 5-6 February… For the first time ever, Vending Paris, the International Automatic Vending Show, will run alongside both the Sandwich & Snack Show, the largest European event for suppliers to the fast food and takeaway businesses, (with over 300 brands taking part), and Parizza, the event for pizza, pasta and Italian catering professionals.

So this year’s Vending Paris promises to be a unique event offering a global overview of all forms of “on-the-go” catering and, above all, a great opportunity to develop stimulating synergies and new business ideas. Don’t miss it!

The concept of this triple-decker event has emerged thanks to the rapid growth of fast food catering solutions in France. France is one of the most important European markets for automatic vending, as these figures clearly show: a turnover of 2,052 billion Euros (18% of the European market); 1,250 vending operators, 15,300 employees and 637,000 vending machines (16% of the European market). In France, there is also a great deal of interest in the “nomadic consumption” of food products. This is typified by the creation of the “Feel Good” brand, which puts its signature to food products that are healthy, nutritionally well-balanced and conceived for vending machines. The availability of these products will reassure those who wish to eat healthily wherever they are, and should deliver an important boost to the vending market.

Business aside, Vending Paris once again provides us with a unique opportunity for us to enhance our professional credentials. There is a rich supply of conferences on specific topics such as market figures, current consumer trends and possible synergies between snacking and vending on offer.

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