Venditalia 2014, here we come! Innovation and evolution: keywords for the future of Vending

We’re almost there. In a few days Milan will host the 2014 edition of the most important international Vending event. We’re already buzzing!

Emotions are palpable over here, but as usual we’ve got clear ideas and big projects. We can’t wait for the show to start, because some of our state-of-the-art products and innovative services will be launched at Venditalia.

We will be introducing Brio Up, a new model that surpasses its already brilliant predecessor, thanks to an attractive design, a backlit capacitive keyboard, a USB port and a stainless steel boiler. All in all, it’s great little machine that has just what it takes to stand out as ‘best in class’.

And that’s not all: from our Necta range we’ll present Tango, a new Snack and Food vendor, whose flexibility in configuration, high performances and excellent quality/price ratio makes it a widely appreciated addition.

Any other names walking down the red carpet of Vending? How about Samba Touch and Canto Touch, the new generation machines with touchscreen interfaces? Oh, and there goes Karisma, the super-automatic that’s capable of dispensing more than 200 cups of coffee per hour! With its customizable interface, it’s no wonder that Karisma is our Ho.Re.Ca. flagship product. There’s also Krea, of course! The latest version can dispense both espresso and ‘American’ coffee. Last but not least, there’s Flexi – a flexible and functional machine that allows you to enjoy your favourite coffee.

So far we’ve concentrated on innovation – now let’s talk about evolution! In broadening our Group offer, we aim to provide our clients with new products that will help their businesses grow. And by differentiating our range, expanding our customer base and responding to different needs – always with top class quality standards – we aim to make a real difference, both in terms of exploring new market niches and in opening new business frontiers.

Want to find out more? Come and see us in Milan, May 7th to 10th!
Venditalia 2014: a leap into the future of Vending.

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