Welcome to 2014!

What’s Your New Year’s Resolution? Maybe it’s to see the world or sign on at the gym? Maybe you’ve promised yourself that you’ll go on a diet; maybe make more time for the family (and at the same time get angry less often!)?Are you finally going to enrol on that course, like promised yourself you would, one day?

Every New Year, all kinds of people sit down with a coffee to write their own lists of good intentions. Barack Obama, for instance, has promised to go easy on the White House press corps (maybe he’s decided to put the canteen coffee machines on Free-Vend?) and Mark Zuckerberg, (the man behind Facebook), has declared his intention to connect everyone on the planet to the Internet – that’s about 5 billion people.

Be they ambitious or humble, we all set goals for ourselves. According to the web, the Top Three New Year Resolutions are: to take better care of ourselves, to find a soul mate and to get a new job. Here at N&W, we’ve made some New Year Resolutions of our own and we’d like to put them ‘on the record’.

In 2014, N&W promises to ‘Interact, Simplify and Amaze’.
We’ll interact with consumers as never before and we’ll entertain them; too, while we deliver what we believe is the world’s most enjoyable vending experience. Thanks to our touch-screen interfaces, every break can be a unique experience! Do you want to see what we mean? Just click here and take a look at Canto Touch ….

But that’s not all. We’re also going to simplify things. To make our customers’ lives that little bit easier, we’ll make sure we keep up-to-speed with developments in technology. Things are moving so fast that this is a pretty ambitious resolution, but we’re confident that we can keep it. Take, for starters, our introduction of contactless technology that provides a safer, more immediate and more controllable way of making payments…

Last but not least on our wish list? We aim to amaze you. The latest generation of our vendors and super-automatic machines are out there exploring new territories that we’re sure will deliver exciting brand new opportunities for vending operators. From automatic room service solutions in hotels (thanks to our S&F models) to ’plug & play’ HO.RE.CA. solutions (epitomized by Karisma), we have the perfect products.

But it goes without saying that, year after year, some things at N&W will never change. We’ll always want to improve our products and services, so we can continue to grow as a business. We’ll always want to make sure that all our customers enjoy the highest quality of service and we’ll always manufacture our products using only certified, environmental-friendly processes.

So, a challenging twelve-months await us; but we’re ready to meet the challenges!

We wish you a very happy and prosperous New Year.

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