1st October: it’s International Coffee Day!

This year the “world of coffee” launches two major initiatives: an online petition for coffee producers and a campaign that invites you to share your coffee time with loved ones.

On 1st October International Coffee Day is celebrated, the day when ideally the entire coffee supply chain meets with coffee lovers from all over the world. This year’s focus is on the difficult economic situation of the coffee producers, which puts the very sustainability of the sector at risk.

What is happening? Coffee prices, although partially recovering, are still some 30% below the historical average of the last 10 years. And this in the face of constantly rising production costs: a situation that puts the fate of 12 million families in producing countries at risk.

As the International Coffee Organisation (ICO) states: “The farmer receives only about one cent of a dollar to produce the beans needed to make a cup of coffee, and the producers are not earning enough to meet their own needs and those of their families”. And if things do not change quickly, these people will not be able to produce the coffee we drink every day.

To deal with this emergency, the ICO is launching the call for action #coffeepledge, the hashtag that calls on all those who care about the fate of the coffee sector to sign an online petition in support of an adequate income that guarantees a decent living for the producers. You can sign the petition at this link

Another important initiative also taking place on 1st October is that of Julius Meinl, a historic Viennese roasting company, known to have inspired poets, artists and writers by offering them a space to meet, discuss and share ideas.

With the campaign “Meet with a poem”,  now in its fourth year, Julius Meinl invites you to meet up with a loved one to choose your favourite coffee blend and take a moment to write a poem.  

Hundreds of cafés, restaurants and hotels from around the world will be taking part in the initiative, supported by an integrated global marketing campaign, based on digital, social and PR activities.

The results are truly impressive: in four years the project has already collected tens of thousands of poems.  

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