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Innovations in the coffee world by EVOCA Group: “Necta powered by Xconik”, the new mobile commerce system based on Necta brand vending machines, is born.

E-commerce is a rapidly growing phenomenon worldwide. Mobile devices, through which the concept of omni-channel is developed, play a fundamental role in today’s shopping experience. Companies are facing new challenges by focusing on multi-channel and customer centricity. It’s in this landscape that “NECTA powered by Xconik” is born; the ground-breaking mobile commerce system for NECTA vending machines that the Evoca Group introduced at Venditalia 2018.

The new technology can transform vending machines, turning them into a sort of corporate drugstore, capable of supplying a huge range of useful products that, typically, are associated with the sphere of proximity and impulse purchase. Each product is accompanied by a card with photos, videos and features and for each of these, related articles are proposed.

Xconik was created to simplify and speed up the shopping experience at vending machines: an order is ready to be picked up in just 3 touches, thanks to a dedicated and completely free app that’s available for both iOS and Android. The selection and purchase of products occurs directly from the smartphone and transactions are guaranteed by high standards of security. Customers can pay with cash or cashless, by simply selecting their preferred option at the ‘check out’. In addition, each purchase is tracked to eliminate the possibility of lost transactions. The app allows the purchase of multiple products in a single session or the creation of a ‘list’ of favorite items, with preferential access to the most purchased references.

Distributors include an attractive and fully customizable design that justifies the positioning of machines in prestigious locations by increasing visibility and traffic. Moreover, the customizable surfaces guarantee the perfect integration of the distributors in any environment.

The innovative technological platforms also makes it possible to manage a communication and promotion schedule broadcasted on the machines’ large LED screens. These can be used to promote the products on sale and/or to broadcast corporate communications and advertising on behalf of third parties. Content management therefore makes it possible to develop new functions and transform distributors into a real media channel, guaranteeing additional revenue for operators.

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