Snack and Food Machines: EPD Will Be A Real Game Changer

A brand new technology is about to take the starring role in N&W’s Snack and Food range of vending machines. It’s called Electronic Price Display, or EPD for short – and it’s going to be a real game changer…

EPD means we can say ‘good-bye price tag’, but that’s not all. In fact, EPD offers additional benefits, for example in functionality, in communication and in the ease and speed with which customers – and operators – can interact with the machine.

Until now, if an operator wanted to present a promotional message referring to an individual item, their only option was to insert a text-only message in the space directly below the product. Not any more! Today, we present operators with a blank canvas: EPD enables the use of multiple, alternating messages; allowing, for instance, meal deals, special offers and nutritional information to be presented. In fact, as many as five custom promotional messages can be added to a product’s display, either via the settings on the machine itself or remotely, via telemetry.

For the consumer, the ‘price’ display can show not only additional product information, but it can also make using the machine easier. For instance, once the desired product has been selected, the trays with electronic displays automatically turn off all possible choices except the one selected. Thus the purchaser is saved the trouble of finding the correct button to push! And that’s not all: we can even enter messages that take advantage of the full length of the tray. For example: “Special Breakfast Menu: cappuccino + brioche (sel.80)”. Try doing that without EPD!

Moreover, thanks to telemetry, operators can update prices remotely, without having to restart the machines. The new technology is also a godsend from the maintenance point of view. During filling, for instance, the EPD display identifies ‘sold-out’ products, speeding up the refilling process. Better yet, EPD sends diagnostic messages that help the operator to diagnose any problems immediately.

So… keep calm and demand EPD!

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