Feel the Giga Touch

Giga Touch is a brand new software application developed specifically for Necta Touch models.

Giga Touch is an innovative software package that allows a machine to be customized via an easy-to-use smart menu. From the starting screen to the drinks menu, users can choose their own layout, feature their favourite multimedia content and create a bespoke graphics ‘look’, from an (almost!) endless range of options.

Giga Touch lets you set up the user interface, customize the product icons, add your favourite logos and images, choose colours, background and all the other features according to your preferences.

During drink preparation, it’s possible to display up to 6 rotating videos. With a substantial 2 Gigs of memory, the end user can enjoy advertising, marketing messages, promotional campaigns, and general information videos, which can be modified whenever you want. Different videos can be displayed when ‘disabled’ mode is selected and on the starting screen, so as to promote your most important messages.

All uploads, modifications and updates can be manage by Ethernet (internal net) connection or by usb stick. In the near future, significant additional features will come on line: implemented management of the video playlist and update management by remote access by Ethernet (external net) or UMTS are only some of the innovative features of Giga Touch.

Ultimately, the technology will be useful for building dedicated customer databases, loyalty programs and so on.

So, to get in touch with your customers, get Giga Touch!

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