No Giga, no party!

On the software that helps you to manage your vending machine…

It’s a familiar problem: configuring and managing a vending machine is not exactly a walk in the park! We need to know how to juggle data, statistics; access, menus; prices and updates. So, we turned to our multi-disciplined team of technicians, engineers and computer scientists, and we asked them to make your life easier! The result is an application package called Giga that promises to change the way we interact with the vending machine. What’s the potential of this software? Easy! It allows you to manage easily and quickly even the most complicated actions. Just a few examples. With Giga Light you can transfer the file set-up, firmware and boot files through serial ports, UpKey, PDAs and local folders or network. You can view statistics files in EVA-DTS format and export them in a standard format, such as Excel and csv, which are compatible with vending management software. You can also create an ordered and safe archive with a few clicks. And what if Giga is updated? No problem, the update is immediately available online. Just enter the reserved area of our web site.

The Premium version of Giga offers even more benefits for those who must deal with the complete management of their vendors. All through a library files downloaded from the N&W site. It’s convenient, fast and powerful!  It’s not just about numbers, though. Fortunately, Giga also has an artistic side. Thanks to the software, Labelab allows you to create and print price or selections labels for food & drink. Your vending machine will be 100% customized. Giga awaits you in the restricted area of the N&W site, where you can find out how you can test it free for 30 days!

And do not forget to get Giga Touch, if you already have our latest touch screen vending machine!

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