Smart payment & digital solution: the new website from Newis is now online!

Innovations in the coffee world by EVOCA Group: with updated content, a totally re-invented graphic layout and new, user-friendly navigation, the Newis website is now online.

The new website from Newis, the EVOCA Group brand for cashless payment, data collection and the remote management of coffee and vending machines, is now online.

Available in several languages, the platform offers a view across the entire Newis range of digital solutions for cashless payment. Through a dedicated interface you can access comprehensive product information, and receive in real-time the information you need to make the most of the exciting Newis brand experience.

Modern and innovative, the site has a completely new graphic look, which perfectly embodies the Newis brand values: it’s simple and intuitive, presenting the information you clearly and concisely; it’s dynamic and bright thanks its clever use of icons and charts and with its vivid yellow and green colour palette it reflectsthe brand’s corporate identity.

Optimized for mobile devices, the Newis website has been designed to recognize the device used by the user automatically and adapt the visuals to the screen, so that all information is available from smartphones or tablets as well as on a computer.

The website provides users with in depth access to all the information they need: payment solutions, Global Management System, the App, FAQ, News & Media and contacts. The top menu, constantly in vision, offers quick access to content, optimizing the digital experience of both operators and customers.

Have a look!

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