3D coffee and cappuccino.

Check out this gallery of artwork created with coffee froth.

It’s called “latte-art” and it’s all about creating pictures in coffee, using froth, cocoa or other ingredients.

It’s something a little extra. It started out in cafés as a kind of game, but it turned into a craze that swept across the globe. From Japan to France, you’ll find genuine “breakfast artists” who can transform any cup of coffee into a jaw-dropping work of art.

From amazing pictures to 3D sculptures that leap from the cup, that’s the soft form of creativity we’re talking about. Start the day with one of these coffees or cappuccinos and it seems to have a completely different taste!

The real secret to getting perfect froth lies in the milk, which must be extra fresh. If you want to give it a go, try one the cappuccinos served from our state-of-the-art super-automatic vending machines, such as Karisma and Korinto. The technology applied to fresh milk guarantees a compact and dense froth, ideal for inspiring your creativity and unleashing your inner latte artist!

Enjoy the photo gallery and discover how things have changed since the old “heart-shaped” froth served by sweet baristas was considered a treat!

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