#afterwork. What does the N&W team do, once the PCs are switched off?

We take a look at four of N&W’s popular team building activities.

If people are the main resource in moving a company forward, it’s obvious that team chemistry is something absolutely fundamental to success. The team has to be stimulated, teased and tickled; and what better way to achieve this than with activities that entertain and involve…

N&W employees are full of original ideas for team building, so the company needs only to authorise their excellent initiatives. Since 2007, we’ve been running three sports teams: bike fans form a cycling team, there’s a running club and there are the ‘mountain people’, encompassing skiers, mountaineers and trekkers. In fact, more than 200 N&W people enjoy sports as part of their overall ‘wellness’, and as an ‘excuse’ to get out into the fresh air with friends over the week-end.

Cycling, running and enjoying the mountains: three popular pastimes born of the desire to find the time, the space, and the opportunities to share a passion. While the cyclists get together in the Dolomites for a two wheels weekend, the runners are achieving fourth place in charity marathons and the mountaineers are consulting the bulletin board in order to check the itinerary of the next ski day.

But still, that’s not enough. Inside the company, the ANLA NECTA Circle is very active: more than 100 associates who have reached or passed the milestone of 20 years service, a team comprised of expert and faithful professionals, which collaborates with management to organize activities and to add value to the seniors’ role. 14 ‘Circle’ members have been nominated by the Ministry of Labour as a ‘Master of Work’, recognising their morality, talent and industriousness. We see this as a medal of honour for the whole company and as an example for the next generation.

Energy, adrenaline, fun, sharing, wisdom… the N&W team’s got the lot! Thanks to all of you.

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