Authenticity: We’re convinced, how about you?

We’ve been on the look-out for brands out there that are as authentic as the espresso served from our vending machines…

The Top 20 business names in ‘Authentic 100’, the annual index of companies listed according to consumers’ perception of their authenticity, doesn’t have too many surprises in it. Disney, Amazon; Apple, Lego, Ford; Google and Coca-Cola – they’re all there and the main Italian brands on the list are Barilla, Ferrari, Ferrero and COOP.

The research, carried out by a famous global marketing agency, identified an important ‘authenticity gap’ between brands and consumers. 75% of the 12,000 consumers, taken from 14 markets, who were interviewed for the survey, reported that many companies have ‘credibility problems’. Consumer skepticism is highest in western Europe: just 9% of the Italian interviewees described brands as being ‘honest and transparent’, against a global average of 22%.

The need to ‘count’ on quality brands.

What are the main characteristics and values that determine brand authenticity?

Globally, ‘protecting client data and privacy’ is one of the most important attributes of authenticity. The other values that make a brand more or less credible are ‘quality’ (66%), (especially in Italy!); ‘keeping promises’, (70%); ‘social responsibility’ (57%) and ‘sustainability’ (55%).

Does the fact that a brand is recognized as ‘authentic’ influence buying habits? You’d better believe it. 90% of consumers are ready to reward a brand for its authenticity. How? 52% will recommend it to others and 49% will become loyal customers.

20% of respondents even said that they’d be open to making a financial investment in a company capable of proving its authenticity…

At N&W, we’ve discussed this data over a truly authentic, steaming cup of Italian espresso, freshly dispensed by our Karisma machine. We’ve come to the conclusion that the consumer trend nowadays is in favour of those brands that want to have an open and honest relationship with their consumers. That’s why, every day at N&W, we continue to nurture those values that have always made us stand out from the rest: integrity, reliability, transparency and responsibility. These principles guide our business, from design, through production; to worldwide distribution. Today, a sincere dialogue between a brand and its customers counts for more than just numbers.

We’re convinced. How about you?

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