Breakfast world tour.

Coffee is the common denominator at breakfast the world over –  as for what we eat for our first meal of the day, the list is almost endless…

Wake up and smell the coffee, breakfast’s ready!

Worldwide, ‘breakfast’ means different things to different peoples. There must be a thousand ways of fuelling up for the day, from sweet to savoury to spicy.

Often, summer holidays are the time to try something new!

Let’s start our tour in the UK. The queen of all breakfasts requires bacon, eggs; sausages, baked-beans; mushrooms and toast, all washed down with a good brew. In Iceland, to fight back against the cold and dark, they eat a large, hot breakfast of smoked or sweet-and-sour herring; salami, cheese, tomatoes; cucumber, whole wheat bread, homemade jam; yoghurt, butter and malt. In Alaska, breakfast is a big deal: reindeer meat with mashed potatoes and omelettes. In Scotland, there’s Scot’s Porridge Oats ‘to keep oot the chill…’

Let’s travel to Australia. Here, Vegemite, (a creamy yet salty spread made with beer yeast), is the main ingredient. India loves tofu to start the day, with lentils and onion bhajis, fried bread with garlic potatoes. In Mexico they get spicy in the morning, with chilli con carne, chilaquiles, crunchy bruschetta with tomato sauce, cheese and coriander – all eaten with various side dishes such as nachos. Over in Peru, breakfast is very spicy, with Ceviche, a dish made from raw seafood marinated in lemon with spicy chillies and coriander.

Unusual coffee

What you get when you order coffee can be quite different, depending on which country you’re in. In Cuba,  get ready for a very sweet coffee with milk with a pinch of salt! And remember, it’s traditional to dip your buttered toast in your coffee.

In Germany, your coffee could come with a frankfurter.

One thing’s for sure, if our new range of super-automatic coffee machines Koro and Korinto Prime, which serve excellent breakfast at every latitude, had webcams installed on them, we may have a little fun!

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