Chilling Technology!

Refrigeration technology has made huge advances –  not least in our vending machines…

How could we survive without the marvellous chilling technology that we’ve come to take for granted?

Today, we want to talk about something that’s usually kept locked-up in research labs: magnetic refrigeration. It’s a new technology that substitutes refrigerating gases with solid materials that have magnetic properties.

Basically it works like this: when exposed to a magnetic field, the materials are magnetised. Likewise, when they’re removed from the magnetic field, they absorb heat and go back to their original un-magnetized state; cooling down the surrounding area.

The advantages of using solids instead of fluids are many. For starters, it’s better for the environment, because it avoids the possibility of refrigerating fluids leaking; plus, the materials used can be recycled. What’s more, when compared to traditional cooling units, prototypes using the new technology have been shown to be more efficient in terms of energy consumption. They’re also quieter and they could be smaller, too…

The evolution of vending and refrigeration

So what will this mean for us? Will we have smaller devices –  even miniaturised devices? Will we inhabit a world served by highly efficient, mini refrigerated vending machines?

To tell you the truth, it’s too early to tell – but what’s for sure is that advancing refrigeration technology has enabled great progress is the world of vending –  at least in our part of it!

Thanks to leading-edge isolated cells and smart temperature controls, our vending machines can offer packed fresh food (that must be kept at temperatures on less that 4°C) for sale in optimum condition.

Mambo, the new high capacity model for semi public locations has a flexible temperature management allows you to control up to 4 separate zones inside the two cells. A real multi shop, capable of dispensing virtually anything – not just food – and to offer people everything they may need in a hurry; from a snack to a complete meal, from a toothbrush to a travel accessory; a phone charger, a set of earphones…

Our drum vending machines such as Festival are equipped with highly efficient cold unit. Festival guarantees that food is dispensed in prefect condition. It can dispense a wide range of freshly-made dishes, fruit and yoghurt: it’s like a canteen in a vending machine!

At N&W, Freshness is our middle name; because we believe that eating-out must always be a pleasant and a safe experience.

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