Give A Gift Via A Vending Machine!

Close your eyes and try to imagine the most beautiful surprises you’d like to see available 24/7, in order to wish Merry Christmas to your relatives, your colleagues… and yourself!

That’s the question that was asked in our Christmas survey and thanks for giving us some really cool answers. The question “Which gift would you like to find for yourself inside a vending machine?” provoked the most original responses. There are dreamers out there who would wish themselves a vending machine full of happiness, health and love. There are the sentimental ones who dream about a card from grandpa. There are others again who are more practical: they’d prefer to find fashion accessories, the key to a brand new car, a tablet, a smartphone or a gift voucher for a dream holiday.

Some hoped to find Brad Pitt’s phone number or a grand-daughter to go with the grandson. Many people dreamt of a winning lottery ticket, or enough money to cover outstanding debts! There was even one who would love to find a pre-decorated Christmas tree!

And what would we like our relatives to have access to, just by inserting a card or a coin? First position in the wish-list is for all-inclusive holidays. Someone would give a big hug, or – and we like this one – a no limits credit card for the time-bank. Many participants chose health, harmony and a job for everyone. Other nice ideas were the most beautiful remembrance photo-album, a ‘you got the job!’ letter; more time to spend with loved ones and even – get this – a pocket-physiotherapist!

As for our colleagues, what would we reserve for them? A good stock of patience, on-tap 24/7; more pay for everyone, a paid day-off, a day at the spa to calm the nerves: all understandable ideas! We had some negatives, such as deodorant sticks, or an instructions kit called ‘how to live with others’! However, most respondents would do good for their colleagues, and use the vending machine to provide a holiday, love and harmony, or a new car for each one of them.

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