Healthy Vending: It’s A ‘Work In Progress’.

Healthy options are the latest ‘must-have’ trend for vending machines.

The challenge to increase the healthy options available in vending is becoming more and more important – and there are numerous reasons for vending to be a key player in enabling consumers to make healthier food choices.

The younger generations, particularly school children, are the primary targets in this campaign, as we’ve discussed in previous posts. The latest example comes from an Italian high school in Novara, which has worked hard to ‘make vending a part of an integrated nutrition education project.’ The idea is to transform the vending machine into a resource that, because of the products it offers, actively promotes healthy eating. In these vending machines, only those products that emerge after a rigorous selection process – in terms of their fat and calorie content, as well as their ingredients, organic raw materials and their potential impact on health – are permitted.

Healthy vending machines… everywhere!

For example, the Fondazione del gruppo ospedaliero San Donato (the San Donato Hospital Foundation Group) within the EAT project (Educazione Alimentare per Tutti –  or ‘Nutritionak Education For All’) identified vending machines as ‘a means and an example to be sought out, where health references can be found and learned’. In the group of 18 hospitals, vending machines have been introduced that dispense fresh and dried apples, fruit and veg, snacks and light sandwiches, yogurt based drinks and pure fruit juices with no added sugar.

In parliament, a law has been presented called  “La Dieta Mediterranea come Filosofia di Vita“  (The Mediterranean Diet as a Way of Life), whose aim is to ban ‘industrial’ products in favour of local ones within schools, hospitals, retirement homes and public places. The group that presented the proposal, Fare Ambiente (an Italian environmental agency), stated that vending machines were ‘the ideal means to promote products that could be identified as being part of the Mediterranean Diet Catalogue’.

The facts speak volumes… Vending machines are realising their potential, by becoming one of the quickest ways of promoting a healthier lifestyle by challenging ‘traditional’ consumption habits right at point of sale.

We’re proud of this and we’ll continue to keep you updated on the most interesting case histories!

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