How’s the coffee market doing?

Our summary starts in Africa, makes its way to Brazil and meets a strange new chewable coffee along the way…

Our check-up begins on ‘The Dark Continent’. A slow and tentative rise in African production is predicted, with an improvement in blends coming from Ethiopia, Kenya and the Ivory Coast. The investments made in the coffee industry and the growing recognition of  the quality of African coffee (with its distinctive, bitter taste), is widely appreciated -especially in Algeria, Italy and Spain.  So, things are looking hopeful for 2016.

Climate, Coffee and Candy.

So how are the other coffee producing countries doing? Brazil failed to achieve its target of 60 million bags, reaching an estimated 43.24 million. Production increased, but not enough… The disappointing result was the consequence of lack of rainfall. A severe and prolonged drought caused a delay in flowering and that spelt disaster for crops. Stocks are decreasing, which will mean that export volumes will  probably decrease, too.

But Brazil’s deficit could be balanced out by other countries, such as Columbia, Vietnam and Indonesia. It’s not a certainty, though: Vietnam and Indonesia, producers of the luxurious Robusta blend, are also suffering from climate change, caused here by El Ninõ, which has hit Asia hard.

Fortunately, coffee never ceases to amaze. We’ll leave you with one of the latest innovations in this eclectic and ubiquitous product: Go Cubes. Go cubes consist of chewy candy infused with classic mocha and latte flavours. Each cube contains approximately 50mg of coffee, the equivalent of half a cup of filter, or three quarters of an espresso… So it packs quite a punch.

Its producers swear that Go Cubes will be seen as a coffee substitute, because they are more practical, portable: chewable anywhere, at any time. And you can’t spill them!

Is this the end of coffee as we know it? Our vending machines are waitng to find out!

Check out this video!

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