If You’re Serious About Saving Energy, Make Sure Your Machines Are ‘Born Green’.

Reducing energy consumption has become a ‘must’. Choosing the right vending machine can make all the difference, both at school and in the office.

Just like all electrical appliances, vending machines have to be more conscious of their energy consumption than ever before: ‘the environment’ has become a top priority.

The Italian Environmental institute measured the electrical consumption of certain schools via the internet and discovered that their night-time power consumption was – incredibly – almost a third of the daytime consumption. The reason? Lights and computers were habitually left on and vending machines kept going long after potential customers had gone home for the day… Therefore, with the right behavioural changes and the right equipment, thousands of euros could be saved each and every year – and that’s money which could be reinvested to boost the school’s budget.

In Japan, between 1991 and 2012, energy-saving measures were put in place that reduced the annual electricity consumption of vending machines by 70%. But what about us?

Vending and ‘green’ solutions

All the products from the N&W group are part of an environmentally-aware circle. From the design

phase to the technological phase, every step of the way in production is carefully planned to minimise the machines’ environmental impact. Planning takes everything into account, including the machine’s function and ultimately, its disposal…

The applied solutions mean that all vending machines equipped with energy saving modes, LED lighting and efficient ‘cold unit’ insulation achieve A, A+ or A++,classification, depending on their EVA EMP 3.0 measurements. What’s more, all the materials we use to build our machines are recyclable and disposable, with a minimum requirement for energy.

All N&W production sites are certified according to the ISO 14001Environmental Management System”. We were one of the first companies to obtain this acknowledgment in the vending world. The production system at N&W is environmentally-aware and is subject constantly monitored and improved. Why? Because it pays to be born green!

Save energy, save the planet, save quality!

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