Italy Ready to go?

Autumn is nearly here with lots of events to look forward to, starting ‘Down Under’, with Fine Food Australia. Fine Food Australia 2013, which this year is held in Sydney from 9 to 12 September, is ready to offer new ideas for companies. Set up in 1994, the Australian trade show, which is devoted to high quality foods, has grown; together with the country’s interest in good food and wine.

In recent years there has been an increase in the presence of Italian companies – presented on a Pavilion devoted to Italian products – due to the numerous opportunities that the event provides to break into the Australian market, both in terms of large-scale retailing and the sector.

But how is Italy regarded and how are our brands and products viewed ‘Down Under’?

An interesting insight is revealed by a study commissioned in 2011 by the Italian Trade Commission in Sydney, involving a sample of 1000 people. The most interesting result regards our own sector: when asked about Italy, almost all the people interviewed immediately associated our country with good food and wine, followed by the Italian landscape. Turning to specific products, Italian design and clothing topped the list, but our food and wine brands follow hard on their heels in third place.

‘Australia really appreciates the Italian food industry, not just due to the large number of Italian immigrants, but chiefly because Italian products are acknowledged as being of superior quality’, said Nicola Rossi, Sales Manager for Australia and New Zealand. ‘One of the most popular products is Italian espresso which underlies the boom in Australian coffee culture. Over the last 50 years, this new wave of enthusiasm for Italian coffee has seen an exponential increase in specialty coffees, due partly to large chains but primarily due to the success of small independent brands set up by Italians in Australia.

Italian companies constantly need to display their commitment towards increasing and consolidating this success, safeguarding Italian products from imitations made abroad.
The first step towards achieving this goal undoubtedly means being present at events like Fine Food Australia.

N&W will be there with its leading products: coffee vending machines with fresh milk such as Karisma and the new products Koro and Korinto with an internal cappuccino maker and a “stainless steel boiler”, and the classic Krea and Solista machines. There is also interesting news on the instant coffee front, with the new Krono machine, and on the Snack & Food front, with the first appearance of the Festival vending machine on the Australian market.

To find out more:

Here is a photo gallery with images of the above-mentioned machines.

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