Juices are fruitier than ever before!

Summer just wouldn’t be summer without refreshing, thirst-quenching soft drinks. In Italy, recent legislation stipulates that the percentage of natural fruit contained in fruit juices must be upped from a minimum of 12% to 20%… What do you think of that?

Is this the end of ‘orange juice’ without oranges? This would seem to be the case. The Italian government has passed a food law regulation, which raises the minimum natural fruit content that must be contained in soft drinks from 12% to 20%.

So, who’s celebrating? Farmers, certainly, claims Coldiretti, since this increase could save over ten thousand hectares of Italian citrus fruit orchards, corresponding to a surface area equivalent to twenty thousand football pitches, which are mainly located in regions such as Sicily and Calabria.

Those who like to take a break during the day to enjoy a refreshing cold drink can now rest assured that they have a choice of healthier, more natural products. When the law comes into force, two hundred million more kilos of oranges will be ‘drunk’ each year, by the 23 million Italians who currently consume fizzy drinks – that’s an extra fifty thousand kilos of Vitamin C; quite a significant source of health and energy!

Obviously, not everyone agrees with the new provision: this parliamentary decision could lead multinational companies to relocate their Italian production to plants elsewhere in Europe in the coming months; places where the average fruit content contained in such drinks has to be no more than 5%.

The debate is on-going! We’ll be monitoring events for you and we’ll keep you updated, so: ‘stay connected!

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