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The events in France and Germany have come and gone, so let’s take stock and assess N&W’s contribution to the world of vending.

So, Vending Paris is over – leaving our staff exhausted, but delighted at the keen interest our products generated at the event.

We worked hard to create a truly positive impression at Vending Paris and we left France with a sense of satisfaction for a job well done.

This is a marketplace we know very well. There’s a lot of competition out there and what’s on offer is not always of the greatest quality… But, ‘quality’ is what we stand for, so we know we’ve played our part in creating a positive reaction to vending per-se, thanks to the innovative ranges we had on show.

Fierce competitions are won by delivering ‘quality blows’: this is our strategy. On the N&W stand, innovation was the main protagonist: from payment systems to the improved performance of Mambo and the flexibility of our OCS and Ho.Re.Ca solutions. Every day, we’re committed to the constant modernisation of our machines and the achievement of ever more stringent quality standards.

Vending Paris: news from the front line

Here’s the latest feedback from our manager Guillaume Borione: ”The event Vending Paris has just come to a close in a contagiously positive atmosphere. Our clients’ attention focused on our newest machines, especially those that contain new technologies for communication. We’re talking about state-of-the-art systems that allow for remote management of machines that opens a channel to interact directly with the final consumer. The enthusiasm that we experienced first hand is concrete proof that N&W is going in the right direction. We’re in the middle of a complex evolutionary phase in our market. As European leaders, it’s our responsibility to integrate skills to develop new solutions into telemetric systems, mobile payments and management apps. This is the only way to be efficient and dynamic in our response to our clients who put their trust in our group.”

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