Patently Brilliant!

Let’s get inspired by the 500 plus patents that have been registered by the companies and brands of Evoca Group – and let’s discuss invention and new solutions…

The world of patents is fascinating. It’s all about genius and invention. Some patents change our daily lives; others can change the course of history…

Creativity and the registration of innovative ideas has a very long tradition here in Italy: the patent charter proposed in the Republic of Venice dates back to 1474! Some of the declarations contained within the document remain a source of great inspiration today. Take this for example: ‘we have amongst us men of great talent, concerned with inventing and discovering ingenious devices: it is in light of the greatness and the virtue of our city that we will try to have more men like them here every day.’

Patents are important indicators of social and cultural evolution. They don’t just change ideas, they also change the nature of institutions themselves. Since the beginning of the 1900’s, individual inventors disappeared into the shadows and in their place, companies took centre stage. The age of the brand had arrived!

R&D in vending

Contemporary industrial philosophy doesn’t concern only the inventive craftsman. Rather, it promotes the entire team of technicians and developers. This is why R&D departments in companies have grown. They have the daily task of finding solutions to new and original problems, be they technical or otherwise.

R&D is a vital resource in today’s competitive market. According to recent surveys, concepts such as brands, patent portfolios, copyright; reputation management, employee expertise and clients / suppliers partnerships make up an incredible 80% of a company’s market value.

Without a doubt, patents are tangible confirmation of sustained innovation. That’s why, each year, EVOCA invests substantial resources in R&D. Our R&D department  employs over 150 people. Our challenge is constantly to bring forward new technologies and avant-garde devices, whilst paying maximum attention to the quality of dispensed products.

What do you think? Are more than 500 patents enough to prove our commitment?

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