Prime: you can tell it’s new!

The Koro and Korinto range has been re-modeled and now, it’s simply stunning!

The Ho.Re.Ca sector loved them for their ability to cater for a wide variety of  needs with speed and panache and now, the success story continues: Necta has completely re-modeled Koro and Korinto.

The new Prime range has been created specifically to integrate into the contemporary environment, to bring creamy, aromatic beverages – ready to satisfy even the most demanding of taste buds – right to the heart of the action.

What’s changed? Just one look and you’ll be hooked. The design is even more modern and luxurious in its detail: soft, contemporary lines; a perfect balance of materials; an elegant blue profile that illuminates the front and side panels; a large display screen to manage images and text; a capacitive back-lit keyboard and a neat and linear design that complements any space in any environment. From large ultra-minimal hotels to the coziest of bars and cafés, Prime machines are equally at home.

But its beauty is just the beginning. Its performance and functionality make it the complete package, starting with a new milk-management system that automatically combines steam and air to guarantee high-quality beverages every time.

Coffee, The Italian Way!

With our patented espresso group, coffee dosage system, and extraction, in line with the best traditions of Italian espresso, Koro and Korinto Prime make real coffee, the way it should be made.

But that’s not all: two different preparation technologies (Espresso and Instant) and state-of-the-art mixers guarantee the perfect emulsion and creaminess in each beverage. For N&W, quality is an essential ingredient, just like freshly-ground coffee beans and fresh, perfectly whipped milk.

Both the professional operator and final customer will be intrigued by its simplicity: there’s a practical keyboard and a display that guides the user to their desired beverage – and Koro and Korinto Prime are just as easy to re-fill and clean. Maintenance has been simplified to increase efficiency and reduce lime scale: we’ve using colour-coding to make the identification of parts to be removed or cleaned quick, easy and foolproof.

Elegant, sinuous; robust, functional… Koro and Korinto Prime have got what it takes to become the leaders of their category.

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