Real Sense is shaping the future

Thanks to the revolutionary new vending machine conceived by N&W and Intel, the vending industry is about to reinvent itself…

Today we are going to focus on future and a new approach to vending. Our starting point is Real Sense, the innovative technology developed by Intel, which is able to detect the user’s movements in front of the screen, thereby activating the machine and enabling it to perform specific actions.

About Real Sense

Featuring two motion-tracking cameras, which sense the depth of objects whatever their shape, the Real Sense technology allows users to interact with the device in a natural way, as if they were interacting with people. The future promises to be completely touchless.

N&W, which has always led the way in ‘innovation’, has teamed up with Intel to apply this exciting new technology to the vending industry. This partnership has resulted in a prototype that was unveiled at this year’s IDF in San Francisco. We all saw enough to make us aware that this new approach to vending will revolutionise the sector.

The Vending Machine of the future

Thanks to its motion-tracking technology, this prototype follows hand movements, so that users can browse the menu, select products and customise them according to their own tastes – without even touching the screen. This is a major advantage in installations, such as those in hospitals and laboratories, where health and hygiene are of the utmost importance. A second webcam captures the facial expressions of users, determining their age and gender, and provides an accurate picture of their purchasing and consumption patterns, thus enabling retailers to anticipate consumer preferences and then use the screen to advertise products and display information that is of interest to them. On screen advertising is sure to offer operators and advertisers alike a cornucopia of interesting and profitable opportunities…

Come and see our live demo at Expo Technologies, the series of events dealing with food & beverage technology, which is organised by Confindustria Bergamo. Save the date: 13th October, and the place: The Science & Technology Park at Kilometro Rosso in Bergamo.

Watch this space! Dreams are about to come true…

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