Sugar tax.

Sugary drinks will now be taxed. But is it enough? Vending has been asking the question for some time…

It’s a hot topic: inside and outside schools, sugary drinks – along with high-calorie snacks – are in the sights of organisations keen to promote healthy eating as part of a healthy lifestyle.

The most recent news comes from the UK, where NHS England Chief Executive Simon Stevens has proposed the introduction of a tax on sugary drinks.

Many members of the British parliament appear convinced that this could be a useful tool tackling the growing problem of obesity, especially among young people. There is clear evidence that this kind of initiative would be a good idea. In Mexico, for example, the introduction of a 10% increase in tax on sugary drinks led to a 12% decrease consumption.

Scientists have also demonstrated how a tax on sugary drinks based on the number of litres of the drink in question could contribute to the fight against obesity.

Vending, sugar and culture

Of course, the tax alone is not enough. Other measures are being evaluated, such as advertising and selling. Many believe that the drinks should be clearly labelled, showing the sugar content in terms everybody can understand, for instance in terms of ‘spoonfuls of sugar per serving.’ This kind of measure is direct and clear, and it makes sure consumers know exactly what they’re drinking…

In the vending world, we agree with these measures. However, as we have often stated in our posts about vending and schools, we believe that people must be educated about the importance of following correct nutritional guidelines.

Only a more global awareness of “nutritional culture” will really promote good health and push people to consume these products responsibly. Unfortunately, this kind of awareness doesn’t happen overnight, but we’re ready to make sure our technology fully supports innovative projects, like Vending Zone: remember?

Stay tuned.

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