Summer holidays.

This summer, let’s focus on slowing down – and leave ‘speed’ to Karisma and its amazingly fast drinks dispenser.

Finally! After a year of travelling around the world to the main vending and Ho.Re.Ca events, the summer holidays are here to bring some much-needed respite before we start all over again. Now’s the time to relax, unwind and recharge our batteries before we get back on the road to innovation that’s always been our route to success here at N&W.

This summer, let’s really slow down. We know, slowing down isn’t easy for those of us who are used to spending their days in the fast lane, cramming as many things as possible into the time they have available. So, maybe some advice on how to let go of the rush, the frenzy and the mania of multi-tasking could be helpful?

Whether at the seaside or in the countryside, at home or in a big city, holidays can be a great opportunity to find a personal rhythm and start to enjoy living in the moment, rather than constantly thinking about the next box that has to be ticked…

The relaxation vending machine

Let’s imagine ourselves in front of a relaxation vending machine. The menu could be:

1.Do less. Focus on what is really important, top priority, and let go of the rest.

2.The here and now. Let’s savour the moment, stay centred and conscious of our actions.

3.Disconnect. Let’s free ourselves from our phone obsession. Being constantly connected means being open to a constant flow of potentially stressful information.

4. Concentrate on people. Let’s try to be present for others, let’s experience each moment intensely, let’s connect deeply with others.

5. Love nature. Let’s make sure that we get some good open air activities under our belt.

6. Say no. Let’s stop burdening ourselves with other people’s schedules, let’s let other people do something for us. We’ll lose some control, but we will have enriched our relationships.

7.One thing at a time. When we feel the need to do something else, let’s breathe deep and go back to what we were doing.

8.Drive slowly. Let’s break one of the most common habits in our frenetic, impatient world.

9. Breathe. When we realise that we’re rushing, let’s stop for a moment and breathe in and out deeply.  

10. Love everything. If we can be in the moment, whatever we are doing, we can savour it.

Which button would you press?

Have a great summer!

Love, N&W.

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