The Digital Generation!

A brief summary of the technologies, large and small, that have changed our lives.

There was the Neolithic Age. Then came the American, the French, the Russian, the Cuban ages; the Industrial and the cultural ages –  the whole of history has been marked by radical changes in social structure. Right now, we are most definitely in the revolutionary age of digital technology.

Since 1994, we’ve seen immense social and cultural change, thanks to a huge transformation in Information Technology. The main players are computers, cell phones and the internet. Their evolution has completely transformed our lives, from the speed with which we retrieve information, to the way in which we socialize…

Computers were invented to solve complex mathematical equations and to eliminate human error, but today they are capable of doing much, much more. Thanks to our PC, notebook or tablet, we can connect to the internet, work, discover, play, shop – and even book holidays – anywhere, anytime. Even mobile phones have changed beyond recognition. Remember the first mobiles? They were nothing more than phones and the battery life was a mere 30 minutes – if you were lucky!

The On-Line Generation

Of course, it’s all down to the internet. The world wide web was developed to connect scientists and engineers, so that they could interact and share information quickly. Could they have guessed then that their working tool would soon envelop the whole world?

This technological whirlwind has improved our lives hugely in many ways, but it has also brought with it a lot of unforseen consequences. Sure, we can contact someone on the other side of the world at any time; but the downside is that these days, it’s all to easy to alienate ourselves from reality and live in a kind of parallel world of our own making. We’re continuously interrupted by messages, emails, chats and innumerable other non-stop notifications.

Now, everything is digital! Books, films, photos, songs. Even our vending machines like Canto Touch, Samba Touch and Wittenborg 9100, have embraced digital technology and they keep on evolving, day after day, as we keep telling you in our blog. What’s coming next? Stay connected!

We’ll leave you with the words of one of the main protagonists of this revolution: Can you recognise who it is? He was young, but he had big ideas….

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