The future of shopping

Social interaction and technology are the two driving forces set to shape the future of large-scale retailing, and guess what? Vending is ahead of the game!

What about shopping in the future? During Expo 2015, the Coop stand, which was hosted by the Future Food District, provided some interesting food for thought.

Interactive shelves, big touch screens; dynamic labels and robot arms serving fruit and vegetables directly to clients: this innovative scenario is set to be the catalyst for some exciting developments by large-scale retailers, in terms of both where and how people will shop. Once again, the vending industry stands out thanks to its forward-looking attitude, paving the way for an enhanced customer experience.  

Tomorrow’s large-scale retailers will combine the typical features of local markets, which encourage social interaction, with the unique advantages offered by modern sales points. Each product ‘has a story to tell’, and with the introduction of smart digital tools, we’ll be able to discover everything there is to know about them – which means increased awareness of our consumption habits.

Information about the origin of raw materials, nutrition facts per portion and whether the product contains allergenic ingredients will be available on large touch screens. In other words, consumers can really learn all about the food they’re going to buy, from its CO2 impact on the environment, to the best way to cook it.

The future (r)evolution of the vending sector

Canto Touch definitely embodies this perfect mix between human interaction and technology. After all, our cutting-edge vending machines deliver an exclusive shopping experience, bringing people together while enjoying excellent drinks. Moreover, thanks to our user-friendly screens, getting all the information we need to make the most of our choices has never been so easy. In this way, users can buy the best products according not only to their preferences, but also to their own dietary and health needs.

But that’s not all! N&W has developed a new prototype – jointly with Intel – based on the Real Sense technology to determine the user’s age and gender, and then provide a general profile including preferences, needs and purchasing patterns. This innovative concept has much in common with the research carried out by Coop, which has identified six categories of consumers. From Italian food lovers to green & ethical consumers, the goal is to satisfy each client with targeted offers.

We’re very confident in our pioneering approach, since the vending industry is ready to embrace the new opportunities offered by the most advanced retailing channels. What’s our mission? To keep on focusing on health and broadening our range of options.

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N&W Global Vending

Thank-you for your comment. Just ten years ago, many of the technical advances that have become part and parcel of our daily lives sounded like science-fiction. As Nelson Mandela once said, ‘It always seems impossible until it’s done’…


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