The soft(ware) side of Vending

Discover coffee machine software and find out how it improves the management, customization and maintenance of your machines, putting you in complete control.

It’s easy to take the office coffee machine for granted. Yes, it produces cup after cup of fragrant Arabica coffee, while people chat or hold brainstorming meetings in front of it. But did you know that your machine has an electronic core that works for you, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week?

From now on you won’t be able to look at it in the same way!

The software inside today’s super-automatic machines and distributors are real ‘brains in action’. That’s why we’ve decided to dedicate a fixed appointment to reveal, from time to time, your machine’s outstanding capabilities. Just as the moon has a visible face to all and another that remains hidden, all we can observe are the constant improvements in coffee machine performance. An example of this? The 200 cups per hour capacity of Karisma. This is an incredible delivery speed which, combined with Karisma’s ability to deliver consistently high quality cup after cup, has released the Ho.Re.Ca channel from the dreaded ‘anxiety rush hour’. Now, everybody can get a drink during the recess!

Don’t be fooled though: modern machine software can do so much more! It makes the user interface more intuitive and facilitates smart payment systems and thanks to modern software you can, for example, quickly and easily configure machines and manage your inventory.

Vending software provides the means to store, with a single click, set-up and statistics files, too; and in our modern, 100 mph world, it enables users to control and modify, in real-time, parameters set on the main distributor. So, next time you visit your coffee machine, take a closer look. It really is a very clever piece of kit!

Keep up to date with developments in vending & Ho.Re.Ca right here on this channel. Stay tuned!

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