Transactions chapter 2.

BlueRed, N&W’s system to certify transactions.

We talked about this a few posts ago: vending has to adapt to on-going requirement for payment / transaction accountability.

Our proposal is to guarantee a continuous flow of information that’s easy to manage thanks to BlueRed: a brand new technology that revolutionises the way in which data is accessed from vending machines and from payment systems.

Sending data via BlueRed.

BlueRed is an innovative system that allows statistical information in EVA-DTS format and from ZiP and MiZiP payment systems and NECTA and WITTENBORG vending machines to be accessed via a Bluetooth or IrDA connection. Simply connect your vending machine to the APP, which can be downloaded for free from Play Store, and hey presto, you can download all the information you need to comply with the regulatory requirements.

Through your smartphone or tablet, you can access the advanced settings for MiZiP: Programmer, setting parameters and Maxi Box events. It’s a unique solution, capable of carrying out multiple tasks and saving lots of precious time.

Fixed or portable: choose the BlueRed kit that’s more suitable for your needs. BlueRed is available in two versions for more user flexibility: from the management of small groups of machines to the most extensive machine park.

FIXED: Simple to install and suitable for all vending machines from the NECTA and WITTENBORG range – plus ZiP and MiZiP payment systems – it enables a vending machine to ‘pair’with Bluetooth enabled mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets.

PORTABLE: This is a practical, hand-held version that can withdraw information from an unlimited amount of vending machines. If used as a Bridge, it can download IrDA data from all vending machines and payment systems with this interface, whether they are from N&W or other producers.

The video about BlueRed will fill you in on all the technical details. Enjoy!

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