Zero Food Miles Vending Machines.

Technological evolution leads to inevitable change, even in the way we buy our food. For example, farmers’ markets are leading the way to ‘Zero Food Miles’ distribution systems for fruit and vegetables, which are more affordable for farmers.

We’ve known about ‘organic’ for a long time but in recent years, there is the added value of Zero Food Miles, too, meaning that food travels less before it arrives on our tables. This reduces the impact on the environment and makes you sure we can enjoy fresh, seasonal produce – an opportunity that farmers and small local producers cannot overlook. The great success of Farmer’s Markets is a brilliant example.

Technology has been the game changer. Now, by installing modern vending machines on the farm or in the immediate vicinity, there’s no more rent to pay and no more unsocial hours to contend with to allow consumers to enjoy the very best seasonal products.

It’s been a revolution for those engaged in the fruit and vegetable trade.

The main benefits of using vending machines? The opportunity to purchase seven days a week; day or night. Products are always fresh: some machines are refilled up to 10 times a day. In France, those who love organic products, even if they’re leaving work late at night, can always find a sales point which provides healthy, wholesome food – automatically.

In Italy, we’re still taking our first steps in this direction. One of our best-equipped centres is in Ravarino. How about your country?

PS According to stakeholders, two hours of daily work are enough to run 30-40 machines. Bring it on!
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